Fun! Grab and collect all the Rabbids Tokens!

A good cause! All funds go to UNICEF

Grab a Rabbid now

Introducing Rabbids Tokens

Rabbids Tokens are like the Rabbids themselves: mischievous, unpredictable and elusive! They transform every time they get a new owner. Catching them is easy and for a good cause — you make a donation to UNICEF when you nab one from its owner!

How they work


Choose the Rabbids Token that you want to add to your collection from one of the 5 families here.


Grab it from its current owner, pay the amount in Ethers (all proceeds go directly to UNICEF), and it pops up in your wallet!


Surpriiiiiiiise! The Rabbids Token transforms to reveal its new identity… But you keep a trace of the one you nabbed, through the POPO (Proof of Plausible Ownership)


Pamper your Rabbids Token while it’s still in your wallet…


…until it’s nabbed by another collector!! Bwaaaaah??!!! Don’t panic: the POPO stays in your wallet forever.


Feel like stirring up trouble in the world of Rabbids Tokens? Nab one on the day of a full moon and you’ll be rewarded for your bravery! Our lips are sealed — you’ll have to find out the surprise for yourself!

And remember, you can grab a Rabbids Token whenever you want, and as collectors, you are the ones who make them transform!

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