Terms and conditions Rabbids Tokens Feb 26, 2020

Rabbids Tokens are cryptographic non-fungible tokens operated on the Ethereum network, using specially-developed smart contracts to enable users to own, transfer and claim rare digital Rabbids, which can then be visualized on any compatible website that the user can interact with.

How can I get a Rabbids Token?

Ubisoft will release up to a maximum of 10 complimentary Rabbids Tokens to the winners of the Blockchain Gaming Unconference event organized by the Web3 Foundation on March 2, 2020 in Paris, France.

Rabbids Token initially released by Ubisoft may then be bought or sold on OpenSea.io and/or on any compatible other digital decentralized marketplace for digital assets backed by the Ethereum Blockchain that may become compatible . Rabbids Token also includes a claim function allowing anyone paying its claim price in Ether cryptocurrency to claim ownership of the Rabbids Token triggering its transfer into the claimer’s wallet. Claim price is set in the Rabbids Token smart contract following the formula 0.05ETH + (Rabbids Token status level from 1 to 10 x 0.05). Owners may therefore have their Rabbids Token taken away at anytime by anyone paying the claim price.

What are the features of the Rabbids Token?

Rabbids Token are collectibles. They are not intended to generate profits for their successive owners but are rather designed to enable donations to a non-profit organization through their claim function. They include the following special features sparked by the claim function only:

  • Rabbids evolution status: each transfer makes Rabbids evolve.
  • Full claim price is transferred to the nonprofit Unicef public key (and not to the former owner public key), making a donation to the organization.
  • Owner whose Rabbids Tokens has been taken away thanks to the claim function will not receive any of the claim price but will receive in exchange a Proof Of Plausible Ownership token.

What am I NOT allowed to do with the art associated with my Token?

Ubisoft is not transferring any intellectual property rights in the Rabbids to you. Your sole right on the art associated with your Token is to visualize it on any compatible website. You must not, in particular:

  • Modify the art and/or adding overlays or extensions;
  • Reproduce the art in any way and on any product;
  • Use the art to market or sell any products;
  • Try to trademark the art, or otherwise acquire intellectual property rights in it.

Ubisoft neither owns nor controls the Ethereum network, or any other third party website, electronic wallet, or service that you might access, visit, or use for the purpose of enabling you to use, own or transfer the Tokens. Ubisoft does not have access to, nor have custody of, any user electronic wallet (i.e. private keys). Ubisoft has no partnership with the Unicef organization.